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sree chakra sewings
sree chakra sewings
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The Sewing World

Sewing is the basic art of using stitches made with needle and thread to join textiles and objects. The idea of sewing germinated long ago and is believed as a very ancient art. The invention of the sewing machine and its evolution changed Sewing in general and the art of draping in particular. 19th century saw a great transformation in sewing and the technology involved in it.

Technology – a mainstay in – Sewing Systems

Sree Chakra Sewing Systems having been totally aware of the fact developed its strength in support of the backup service that is essential for the technology to deliver efficiently with least possible hick-ups,  Training, therefore, is considered by the company as an essential pre-requisite for offering technological service support which is given primary importance.


For ANYTHING and Everything in Sewing, we are with the customers. It is the mission SREE CHAKRA SEWING SYSTEMS undertook.

sree chakra sewings


scs round knife cutting machine



Fusing & Pressing

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New Events

sree chakra sewings

The New Branch Opening Ceremony

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New Arrivals

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sree chakra sewings
sree chakra sewings
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SE1202C-4045 SMALL

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