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About Us

About Us


Sree Chakra Sewing Systems

“Sree Chakra Sewing Systems” a significant player in Sewing machines trade and services in the country was founded and managed by the directors of the company who have been hardcore professionals in sewing and the related businesses.  The directors of the company spent long years professionally dealing with products and services relating to Sewing machines of a diverse range and hence could have updated knowledge about the in-and-out of Sewing Systems and its applications related to individual clients – large and small.  “Sree Chakra Sewing Systems” was started in the year2004 and took long leaps to grow to the level of the organization that it is today.

Direct Distributors of VALUED BRANDS

Sree Chakra Sewing Systems have earned a high market reputation with the users and the dealers of Sewing machines of diverse brands and  the company is therefore considered by all the manufacturers as a direct agent for Sewing Machines like Juki, SG Gemsy, Zoje,  all the Spares, and the Servicing needs.

Believe in us for Quality – be it a product or service

Since Sree Chakra Systems built its business in Sewing Machines (Sales and Service) brick by brick offering qualitative buying experiences to their clients and offering unstinted support in the service requirements of theirs.



‘Sree Chakra Sewing Systems’ adopts and follows always the quality standards and procedures in every area of its technical services – be it procurement and supply of products or execution of its service related jobs.  Customer satisfaction and long-term interests of customers will be the focus.


Our vision will always be aiming to achieve targets in delivering quality products and services, in keeping with the organizational capacities.  ‘Sree Chakra Sewing Systems’ will focus on goals set, short term and long term,  so as to achieve them in the envisioned time frame.  Our vision in the long term will be to become a strong contender in the field and create a niche for us in the industry in the process of taking ‘Sree Chakra Sewing Systems’ to the next level.

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