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Servicing of All the branded Sewing Machines

Sree Chakra Sewing Systems is authorized to sell all the above brands to the customers in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh & Kerala directly or through the sub-dealers who are facilitated to offer both Sales and Service.  Continuous marketing knowledge updating and Service Training are provided to the sub-dealers handling Sales and Service, in order to satisfy the customers’ needs.  Periodical orientation training is also provided to the dealers of the company so that they get to know the changing trends and technological advances and modifications adequately in time.

Expert Service Support – all through

Sree Chakra Sewing Systems have technicians who are trained by the manufacturing companies and they are made to attend periodical orientations.  The company is, therefore, able to provide service related updates and skills to its dealers and even direct servicing support by debuting the company’s service experts.

Annual Maintenance Contract

To its clients who look for periodical servicing, Sree Chakra Sewing Systems offer Annual-Maintenance-Contract (AMC) in order to keep Sewing machines of any brand to be always in top working condition.

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